Virtual CIO

/An IT Manager that doesn't need a desk

As a Virtual CIO, we employ a more hands-off role of managing your information systems. We manage external vendors, and advise and mentor management teams to ensure the IT strategy remains on course.

Working remotely, we help you make well considered decisions, oversee implementation and importantly keep your costs down whileallow your team to reclaim some of their valuable time.working with your internal staff and your external suppliers.

We come on site once a month, to review what we’ve accomplished in the preceding month, and to work out a plan for the month to come.

Of course, we’re in contact as often as we need to be during the month, and we’re available by both phone and email to deal with issues as they come up, or discuss concerns as they come to mind.

Your technology; managed by a working group made up of your team and lead by your Pragmetric Virtual CIO.

What you get:

  • Expertise on tap, and on your side
  • A sounding board for any technology business decision
  • Ongoing mentoring
  • Monthly review and planning meeting

Outcomes for your business:

  • More efficient use of your staff’s time
  • Improve your organisational technology management capacity
  • Supported decision making process
  • Reduced organisational risk

Speak with us about joining your team

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Virtual CIO can make a real difference in your business.