IT Strategy Development

/Plan your information systems

Based on the outcome of our Foundations Audit, develop a comprehensive strategy to deliver improved efficiency via improved processes, economy of scale, reduced business risk and the take-up of improved technology.

Alignment with business strategy

Existing business strategy briefing

We want to understand your existing business strategy.

Brainstorming and Concept Development

Information Systems come in a variety of flavours and no two businesses will ever rely on exactly the same matrix of products, solutions or providers. Once we understand your business, and any existing systems, we will investigate areas for improvement and opportunities to use current technologies to drive efficiency or cost savings.

Planning and documentation

High level briefing

A high level strategy briefing will be prepared and presented to ensure our own alignment with your expectations. Throughout the development of a strategy, we will arrange collegiate and collaborative meetings to provide as much transparency as possible.

Formal IT strategy development

Once all briefings are completed and a high level strategy is prepared, we