CIO Services


Month to Month or Ongoing Engagements

Of course, we do more than just audit. At heart, we’re problem solvers. The following offerings bring us in as the expertise you need, to solve the problems you have.

Trusted Technology Advisor

As your technology mentor, Pragmetric help you navigate the technology landscape. Always available to answer your questions, we meet with you monthly to ensure the path you’re on is appropriate for your business, and discuss strategies to improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Virtual CIO

A Pragmetric Virtual CIO works on your behalf, without requiring a desk at your premises. Remotely, we take some of the load off your shoulders; whether it’s procurement, generally dealing with vendors, producing brief documents for new projects or writing and revising technology policies and business cases.

Fractional CIO

As a Fractional CIO, Pragmetric provides a team member, based in your office, actively striving to deliver business benefits from your technology. Whether it’s one day per month, or two days per week; we discuss a best fit for your business, then work within the framework provided for all staff.

Project Based Independent Technology Consulting

Sometimes, you have a need for some expertise that doesn’t fit one of our existing offerings. We can step into the role for a while, long enough to get done what you need done, then back away. You call the shots, and it’s based on a fixed price quote, so there are no surprises. Click here to find our more.