Foundations Audit

/Review your business information systems

A Foundations Audit is designed to explore the depths of your information systems, with documentation prepared to be used as the basis for future IT strategy development.

Understand your current information systems

High level health check discussion

Discuss your business strategy, current concerns around your information systems.

Document your “as is” situation

Document the current state of your information systems, highlighting risks and opportunities for improvements.

Investigate, Verify and Validate


Assess your current technology infrastructure, and security profile.

Applications and Licensing

Confirm any applications used through the business, including the licensing situation to ensure you’re not exposed to the risk of future litigation or other costs.

Information Security

Desktop Computing

Assess the state of users desktop computing environment.


Assess the state of existing backup systems, validating any processes.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Confirm existing systems for the backup of company information. Ensure there are disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place, or assess the risk of the current backup processes with regard to developing these.


Review available data on website use to understand what can be learnt from the customers of your business.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Review existing use of Social Media and other digital marketing tools.

People and Process

Information Systems Policies

Governance, Compliance and Process



IT Strategy

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