2013, the year technology takes a back seat in IT


2013, the year technology takes a back seat in IT

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Heading into the holiday season, information technology journalists and bloggers are producing their lists for what to expect in 2013. Unsurprisingly, the focus of these lists seem to be heavily weighted on the side of technology; embracing cloud computing, availability of broadband, the consumerisation of IT or predictions about release dates for the latest Microsoft, Apple or Samsung mobile products.

At Pragmetric, we believe that technology alone, will become something of a back seat driver in 2012.

Sure, there will be plenty of exciting growth in the technology sector as well as in IT departments. Although for most businesses, this continued growth may only add to their feeling of being left behind. Regardless of the business you’re in, there is one constant; the information you create and manage.

As a back seat driver in 2012, we believe that business information will be in the drivers seat. During our current uncertain economic times, businesses are looking to drive efficiency and productivity improvements that positively impact their bottom line. Technology will certainly support this effort, but only once the movement of information through the business is truly understood.

Throughout 2012, IT departments will become equally responsible for understanding business process in detail, as they will the technology that moves information through the business. They will be champions of business improvement, and a cross functional department that provides a value-added service to every business unit. Importantly, customers will be a key focus, and blindly receive added value from the improvements rolled out.

Perhaps 2012 will be the year information gains some ground in the race for recognition in ‘Information Technology’.

From everyone at Pragmetric, we wish you a safe happy holiday season and a productive and profitable 2012.

2012, the year technology takes a back seat in IT
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