A trusted, independent 1st and 3rd opinion


A trusted, independent 1st and 3rd opinion

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Occasionally the consulting services that Pragmetric provide are misunderstood by potential clients. I hope the following thoughts help clarify where Pragmetric fits with regard to delivering your overall information and technology management strategy.

Working with a General Practitioner (GP) that owns a network of medical practices around Melbourne, I learnt a very important lesson. This gentleman, let’s call him Charles for the purpose of this article, was very intelligent and we often had very interesting discussions, a number of them about why companies engage independent consultants.

Charles fully admits he should never perform open heart surgery on his patients, nor deliver their children in his practices. He does however strongly advocate that your GP should provide a trusted 1st and 3rd opinion on serious health matters. He will always direct you towards the most appropriate “specialist” if he feels that his initial diagnosis and treatment plan may not deliver the desired results for you. Once his patients have seen the specialist, he always recommends they come back to him and discuss the diagnosis and next steps prescribed by the specialist.

This methodology ensures that an expert in the field of general medical diagnosis and treatment guides you through more serious issues. Just as importantly, Charles provides a critical 3rd opinion to re-enforce the specialists prescribed treatment plan is the most appropriate course of action for you, as well as confirming that the treatment plan is not over prescribed.

Pragmetric performs a similar function with relation to executing your information management and technology strategy. We have a strong knowledge of all things IT, a strong network of solution provides across a vast range of technologies and sound IT management experience. In collaboration with our clients, we provide a 1st opinion devising an appropriate technology strategy. Once a plan is in place, we brief and engage appropriate specialists to deliver solutions in line with the strategy, all the while ensuring these solution providers are not over prescribing solutions for you.

We are dedicated to delivering results for our clients, and ensuring the best partners are selected to achieve this.

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