A tale of pricing complexity


A tale of pricing complexity

  • By Andrew Garrett
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I’m not in the habit of linking from this weblog, nor do I habitually include cartoons. However, this Dilbert strip rings very, very true.

Here at Pragmetric, we find it, frankly, ridiculous how hard it is to compare offerings from vendors – even when they’re quoting to provide exactly the same thing. It shouldn’t take a complex spreadsheet to determine how much you’re going to end up paying for a given product or suite of services.


But, even for us, with years of experience in the industry, it does.

How can someone without our experience have a hope of making sense of things?

This is one of the ways in which we add value to our clients – we strive to make pricing transparent, our own included. That way, you can make your decision (with our support), based on the best possible information.

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